Lance Sander

Welcome to! This site is intended to show off my various skills and projects that I've done over the past years. Most of the stuff you see here is done with PHP, MySQL and a little bit of CSS, Javascript, and Photoshop thrown in for good measure. I am also knowledgable in R and Java.

If you'd like to contact me please use the [contact me] link. I will always respond to an inquiry regarding my services.

Also feel free to CLICK BUTTONS in my portfolio! Everything is setup to use an isolated database as a means of demonstrating my work just for you, my hopefully future employer.

I recommend checking out my Blog and the Album Maker. I've used my Blog as a collection of my various professional thoughts on common practices, mal-practices and theories on developing largescale and portable web applications.

And again, CLICK AROUND, you can't hurt anything.