Lance Sander

Form Tool
  This application started out as a means to record simple surveys or questionaires. Eventually it morphed into an all encompassing way to describe an object and then record instances of that object. This tool allows you to specificy data of an object in a very robust manner. It can record floating numbers, integers, dates, files, small or large chunks of text. It's pretty neat! It also has basic encryption and an edit feture (not fully featured for encryptiong for file uploads) allowing previous entries to be altered.
My Own Blog
  This is my first big personal project. I created my very own Blog Software. It took about a week of my spare time. I'm currently using my Blog on this site to record some of my professional opinions on Web Practices and other think-tank ideas.
Online Picture Album
  I've created a very powerful and flexible Online Album Maker. It does auto-sized thumbnails, allows titles and text to be applied to both individual pictures and albums, it also has a powerful (yet not very user friendly) album editor. The great thing my Album Maker is you can create custom templates to display the albums.
Web Works
  These are the beginnings of my web endeavors. Early on, I learned how webpages worked, the limitations of HTML, graphic manipulation and eventually I began leanring ASP. Most of this stuff, aside from the ATI work, is static HTML encoding and creative layout.
Logo and Graphics
  The logos and graphics are probably some of the most enjoyable times I've had with Web Development. While I haven't dabbled much in the creation of logos in quite some time I still recall upon the creative projects fondly. The project I'm most proud of is the logo I created for The College of Communication Career Services at The University of Texas at Austin. It is still in use!

Also, check out the interactive ZWS graphic, it's neat.