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College of Communication Career Services New Window Pop-Up - The College of Communication Career Services was looking for an intern to redo their website. I applied for the job and much to my happiness I was hired.

My experience with the CCS department has been a dream. After being hired I soon learned that I would be given total creative control over web design, navigation, color schemes and layout. I think all web designers yearn for that kind of opportunity. The website is still being updated over time as bugs newly arrive ever so often. This was also a unique experience because I had to work with people who knew nothing of the web development process.

The design and graphics took about 2 months to do, but the content is vast and is still being posted as new content is created. I'd like to thank Matt Berndt for hiring me, the Director of Communication Career Services.

Development for the CCS site started in Summer 2000.

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The Capital Network New Window Pop-Up - This was an interesting experience, it taught me how valuable knowing pure HTML is, as opposed to understanding only a graphic interface program.  

The Capital Network was a fully designed site with some graphical glitches.  For some strange reason Dreamweaver displayed the site with no graphical glitches at all, yet every browser used to display the site had obvious graphical seams.  

I also did some email-ASP-form work for TCN. 

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The Austin Technology Incubator New Window Pop-Up - Here I finally got to put my ASP knowledge to good use. I had the chance to negotiate with 2 host servers concerning DSN, DSN-less and database modify permissions. Most of my time was spent correcting and analyzing code written by previous authors. Although frustrating at times it taught me a great deal.

Most of my work involved modifying scripts used for updating, adding, and deleting users, resumes and news entries.

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Clean Energy Incubator - I did some beta work for CEI. They are a new division within ATI and plan to launch a new website soon.  This work was towards the end of my time at ATI.

CEI Beta Design 1 New Window Pop-Up
CEI Beta Design 2 New Window Pop-Up
CEI Beta Design 3 New Window Pop-Up
CEI Beta Design 4 New Window Pop-Up

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One-to-One Advertising on the Internet Class Project New Window Pop-Up - This project involved a big time business client. In our case, it was The University of Oregon Bookstore. They do several millions of worth of sales each year. Our purpose was to examine their current website and redo it for the better and propose new ways to improve their site.

This was a tremendous opportunity, not only did we actually conduct two interviews with the manager of the store and the current webmaster, we later presented our new website to the bookstore manager at a national convention. I personally learned a great deal from this project. It taught me many business aspects of the web development process and how to work in a team. I would also like to add that our professor was extremely encouraging and insightful; Gene Kincaid..

The download size is a bit high. I realize that download time is a major concern of web design, but for the simplicity of presentation only, we purposely neglected this aspect to better focus on design and presentation quality.

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EMPOWER New Window Pop-Up - My first serious web project. This was site was done in 36 hours by me and my roommate. Our good friend was running for student government vice-president of UT and needed someone to do their site.  They had their web address printed on all their flyers but they did not have a site.  So I volunteered to help the campaign.

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